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45th Reunion:  Murray High School Class of 1959

Friday, September 24, 2004 

Bob A.

Barb and Kathie


Brad, Tom W. and Jack




David B.

Dick O.


Jack, JoAnn and Sue W.

Jerry G. and Jerry J.

Jerry P. and Karen L.


Joan D.

Joannie W.

Judy, Pete and guest


Judy F.

Jack, Judy F. and Sue W.

Kathie L., Barb M., Pat L. and Carol M.

Ken D. and Tom F. ('58)

Mimi O. and Gloria G.

Pat M.

Sis L.

Sue D.

Sue M.


Sue W. and Barb T.


Terry W. and Colleen K.




Chelsea Heights alumni


Back: Dave, Gordy, Art, JoAnn,

Barney and Brad


Front:  Al, Donna, Barb and Jerry



Back:  Pete, Al, Tom L., Don, Dick

Middle:  Ken, Gloria, Sue, Art, Gordy

Front:  Dave, Gordy "Lee", Tom, Jerry




Back: Pete, Al, Tom L, Don, (Dick is hidden)

Middle:  Ken, Gloria, Sue, Art, Gordy

Front:  Jerry, Gordy "Lee", Tom, Jerry, Bob