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21st Century:  Murray High School Class of 1959
Boat Trip, Lindell's Trip to Viet Nam, Current Photos, etc.
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August 19, 2007
Boat Trip
on the St. Croix

Bob, Dave, Joanne, Joan, Mike, Jan & John, Judy, Dan, Bruce, Karen, Ken, Janet, Chloe, Joannie

Photos from Dan and Jan

M Club - Class of 1959
December 2006 - Lunch

Brad, Art, Lindell, Tom R., John H., Gordy
and Dave K.



Photographs from Lindell's Trip to Viet Nam - March 2006

China Beach (near Da Nang)

Cham Island

Hue - the Imperial City

Hoi An (south of Hue)

Hoi An

He rode it!

Miscellaneous Photos  

Joan D.


Dick O.


Joan M. (with son and husband)

Warren J.