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Murray High School Class of 1959           


1. 60th Reunion – Tuesday - September 24, 2019

          GOLF:         5 tee times between 7:15 and 8:00 a.m.

                    Oak Marsh, 526 Inwood Ave N, Oakdale, MN 55128

            Contact:  Gordy Peterson

          BUFFET:     11:00 a.m

                    Lake Elmo Inn Restaurant  Note the change in venue

                              3442 Lake Elmo Ave. N., Lake Elmo, MN  55042

                    Buffet: - Walleye, roast chicken, vegetables, salads, rolls, dessert, coffee

                    $24.00/each    or $45.00/two (Includes tax and tip)          Cash bar

          Reunion Packet:   Included with the buffet, but available to others who are not coming - $3.00.

                    Address Book

                    Mini-Pilot with 1959 Yearbook photos and a pull out of the color photo from the 1959 Yearbook

                    In Memoriam Card (see Link below for a current list)

                                  Contact Joan if you would like a packet and are not coming to the reunion.

                                    They will not be available until closer to the reunion in order to include the most current updates.

          Committee Members:

                    Chair:  Roger Dahl

                    Menu:  Don Waxberg

                    Calling:  Sandy Dupaul, Judy Frost, Mike Gordanier,
Jan Halley, Judy Helquist, Bev Johnson, John Poor

                    Decorations:  Judy L. Johnson Anderson

                    RSVP, Treasurer:  JoAnn Vollmer Rolling

                    Golf:  Gordy Peterson

                    Plus:  Dan Hollerbach, Jack Kollmer , Karen Rice Linnell

                    Databases and Mailing:  Joan Dow Styve   joan  at

          Invitations have been mailed

          If you are in the class and have not received your invitation please contact one of the committee members.

            If you have moved in the last few years or changed other contact information, please notify Joan.

            If you do not have e-mail but have a family member or friend who would be your contact, share that.


          1959 Pilot Inside Cover Photograph

                    Who Can You Find?  A list in progress of classmates in the photo. 

                              If you know what you wore that day, or remember your hair style, see if you can find yourself.


2. PHOTO LINKS  In order with most recent on top
                    Ignore the dates on the album covers as they reflect editing dates
        2016, September 15 Reunion – Newell Park:
        2015, July 14 - Judy’s House:
        2015, July 11 - JoAnn and Lady Loons:
        2014, June 23 - 55th Reunion – Como Park:
        2011, November Classmates:
        2011, October - Art Show:
        2011, September - Fall Boat Trip: 
        2009 50th Reunion Tour of Murray High School:
2009 50th Reunion Mixer:
2009 50th Reunion Banquet:
2009 50th Reunion Group Photos:
2009 50th Reunion Golfing:
2009 50th Reunion Picnic:
        2004 45th Reunion:
        Class of 1959 after 50:


50th in 2009

40th in 1999 - Reunion Group Photos

4. In Memoriam (Link)    

         In Memoriam with Notes (Link) Additional Information would be appreciated

5. Fund / Donate to Organizations Classmates Support
        AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) -


Jack Dainty  /  artwork on the Web

Bonnie Erickson  /  The Museum for the Moving Image at the Smithsonian

Smithsonian - Muppet Events

Wikipedia Entry on Bonnie

Joan Hart  /  took lessons with a teacher who worked with Norman Rockwell

Curt Hoard  /  Web site:

Judy Larson and Bill  /  Pictures and Articles: Bill Hinkley 1942-2010

FaceBook page for Judy and Bill:


On You Tube:

Do a Internet search on Judy & Bill for more articles and You Tube videos

Bonnie Marsh Blackmore  /  Pioneer Press Article September 27, 2013

Memorial Celebration Insert

Dave Martin  /  records bird and other nature sounds - great documentation

Joann Vollmer  /   Slow Pitch Softball Newspaper Article   Lady Loons’ 2014 Gold Medal


Photo files:  can be sent to Joan Dow Styve (Joan at  Digital files are best, or send

a hard copy that can be scanned.