Murray High School - St. Paul, Minnesota

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  - Sloppy Joes, Music & Photos from the1950s and 1960s

Class Contacts

Poetry by Jim Palmer

Interview with Charles Rogers - MN Historical Society

Class of 1959 

Class of 1959 Teachers - as of 06/2009

Clarence Fulmek
Reno Rossini
John Mather

Class of 1960 Reunion - September 25, 2010   Web site account has expired.

Class of 1962 Reunion - September 29, 2012   Web site account has expired.

Class of 1963 Reunion - October 8, 2011   Web site account has expired.

Class of 1964 Reunion

Class of 1965    FaceBook   
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Class of 1974

Class of 1975 – 40th Reunion – THIS YEAR - September 19, 2015
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Murray Junior High School.
Includes school history. 


Cheerleaders:  Marilyn, Kay, Sarah, Bonnie, Beverly and Karen

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