Murray High School - St. Paul, Minnesota
Links to Web Sites  - Sloppy Joes, Music & Photos from the1950s and 1960s
Class Contacts
Interview with Charles Rogers - MN Historical Society
Class of 1959 
Class of 1959 Teachers - as of 06/2009
Clarence Fulmek
Reno Rossini
John Mather
Class of 1960 Reunion - September 25, 2010   Web site account has expired.
Class of 1962 Reunion - September 29, 2012
Class of 1963 Reunion - October 8, 2011  Web site account has expired.
Class of 1964 Reunion
Class of 1965     Class Page    Reunion Page (Classmates)    FaceBook   
Classmates and Facebook accounts are needed to access these sites.
Class of 1974
Murray Junior High School.
Includes school history. 

Cheerleaders:  Marilyn, Kay, Sarah, Bonnie, Beverly and Karen

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